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  • Creating pathways for women in leadership

    13 February

    Creating pathways for women in leadership Share In many societies around the world, the representation of women in both...

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  • Council Post: The Power Of Female Mentors: Why We Need More Women Leading Today's Workforce

    13 February

    Photo: Getty According to a recent survey , 56% of American workers have had a professional mentor, while 76% believe that...

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  • Women have surpassed men to hold more jobs in fields with negotiation and critical-thinking skills

    13 February

    Getty Images ’On average women have moved into higher skill jobs — they’ve moved into jobs that were traditional male.’ Women...

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Latest research

  • How managers can give better support to freelancers

    As more workers flock to the gig economy, managers must find a way to keep up.

    My team at Indeni works with a lot of...

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  • Prove It Again

    Women often tell us that they have to work twice as hard to get half as far. What’s behind this? Studies show that, in jobs...

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  • More Women Became VC Partners Than Ever Before In 2019 But 65% of Venture Firms Still Have Zero Female Partners

    Sign in Get started More Women Became VC Partners Than Ever Before In 2019 But 65% of Venture Firms Still Have Zero Female...

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