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  • It's not sexist to say women aren't ambitious - it's about being gender bilingual

    21 June

    large engineering firm complained to me recently that they would â??love to recruit more women, but they just donâ??t apply.â?...

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  • The best CEOs for women can’t all be men, here’s why

    21 June

    Can the best CEOs for women be men? One ranking this week suggested just that.

    Out of a list of the top 50 CEOs for women,...

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  • Financial Lies Women Need to Stop Telling Themselves

    21 June

    Contact Me Most people have heard of the gender pay gap, but we hear much less about the gender investment gap. If women focus...

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Latest research

  • Not one female CEO cracks the top 25 in this list of 'Best CEOs for Women'

    By Sally French, MarketWatch The top CEOs on this list are all men Workplace data sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn regularly...

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  • How the language used in job adverts discourages women from applying

    Lifestyle How the language used in job adverts discourages women from applying From sexist environments to dress codes – and...

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  • Study: Men Want to Do More Caregiving, but Can’t

    Achieving gender equality is as much a matter of changing and expanding roles for men advancing women in the workplace. Though a...

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