International Mentoring Program

01 January 2017 Language : English

Achieve your goals and boost your career with International Mentoring Program

PWN Warsaw initiates International Mentoring Program to be implemented in ALL PWN networks.

We plan to create a global pool of international mentors to be available for all members. If you plan to develop your career and benefit from the experience of international mentors this program is for you!

The mentoring programs organised by city networks are primarily responsible for the achievement of members’ goals at the local market  – they deal with challenges typical for individuals, companies and entities operating in a given environment.  

The International Mentoring Program in the development of their careers with a focus on international actions and global markets. Mentees will  have an opportunity to enter a relationship with mentors coming from a different economic, social and cultural environment.

This will allow mentors and mentees moving out from comfort zone and looking at the professional goals from a completely different perspective. In particular international mentoring:

  • will be complementary to  local mentoring programs
  • will enable cooperation between networks and members
  • will promote values and best practices among members with diverse professional background
  • will leverage talents and opportunities throughout the network.

Details and timeframe of the IMP initiated by PWN Warsaw:

  • launch of the program – January 4, 2017 supported by two guest speakers and international mentors: Bozena Lesniewska, Board Member of Orange Polska and Dr Dayner Azzellino, Action Group Director
  • quarterly recruitment with cut off dates: 15 March 2017 pilot, 15 June, 15 September, 15 December
  • if new applications are submitted we will match and initiate new mentoring pairs quarterly monitoring of initiated mentoring pairs support for mentors and mentees by PWN Warsaw mentoring team: Lidia Sykucka, Katarzyna Lejkam, Anna Mazur-Klucjasz

Information about the international mentors will be provided on PWN web site during the pilot we will test the use of the mentoring tool which will support and automate the mentoring process in the future pool of international mentors which will be available for members from.

If you think about the role of international mentor or you want to participate in the program please contact us: mentoring@pwnwarsaw.

Cross the borders and boost your career!

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