PWN Global Webinar: How mental maps guide our intuitive behaviour in negotiations

04 June 2019 13:00 CEST - 14:00 CEST Webinar

We know much more about the problematic situations we are facing than we can express in words. The challenge is to get hold of the implicit (hidden) knowledge that guides our decisions and our behaviour so that we can include it in our action plans.

Neuroscientists affirm that knowledge is stored in the human brain in neuronal networks that function like maps. A map is a model of the territory, that we use to guide our movement from a starting point A to a goal B. It shows paths that we can follow, boundaries that restrict our movement, crossings where we must choose a direction, landmarks that tell us where we are and districts where we feel more or less comfortable. 

Management constellation is a method that allows to represent a copy of our mental maps on the floor so that we can literally step into the different positions and explore the situation from different perspectives. If for instance our challenge is to convince our customer in a negotiation that our service is exactly what he needs and worth it’s price, we can represent our mental map of the situation by placing symbols of the various elements on the floor. Where in our map (how far away from us) is the customer, where do we imagine his needs, where do we place the advantages of our proposal and where the alternatives he could choose, where do we see the price of our services and were his budget and so on, until we have placed all the aspects that we perceive as relevant for his decision. Now we can step into the map and explore it from different points of view. 

Join us on this enlightening webinar to discuss in which situations this approach can be useful for you. 

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  • Mr Georg Senoner
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