Agnieszka Niedzwiecka

With extensive experience in management, sales and marketing, Agnieszka is a Partner and Business Change Expert in Service Design Lab. She excels in harnessing market opportunities to simultaneously promote business growth and increase customer satisfaction.

Agnieszka’s experience is related to change management. She has managed projects focused on reorganizing structures, processes, systems and tools to improve business results in public and private sector companies.

She has been developing her career working in diverse industries including government, IT and telecommunications and public transport for companies such as Intercity, Orange, IT Business Consulting Group, Bioton, Warsaw University, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance.

She has exhibited her enthusiasm for and competencies in developing strategies and executing their realization through leading and supporting numerous projects on the regional, national and international levels.

“Being a part of PWN Warsaw Board will allow me to realize my passion to contribute to the ongoing professional development of women. The equality of women and men is an issue of global concern. For me personally, gender is something I inherently pay attention to, it is the lens through which I see the world. I am deeply committed to helping build more diverse and inclusive world for both women and men. I believe that women and men must work shoulder to shoulder to construct a new social order characterized by diversity, respect, justice and collective prosperity.”